FAQs - Poster Boards

Can Poster Boards be used on both sides?
Yes, as well as both Portrait and Landscape.

How do I affix my posters?
With Velcro pads, no blue tack to be used please.

What colour are your Poster Boards?
Granite Grey polyweave cloth.

What size are the boards?
2 metres x 1 metre.

Can the boards be free standing?
Yes, these will be supported by poles and bases.

Can I hang framed pictures from the panels?
Yes and we can supply the hanging bars.
Can I install the Poster Boards myself?
Yes, we can guide you on the installation for accuracy, and they clip together very easily without the use of tools.

Are the panels heavy?
The weight of a panel is approximately 8kg; we deem this as not heavy.

Do you install at weekends or evenings?
Yes, however there is an out of hours charge for weekends and late evenings.

Do your Poster Boards have a fire rating?
Yes, class 1.

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