FAQs - Monoshell (Shell Scheme)

What size stand should we be going for?
We offer varied sizes to suit your requirements. The sizes start from 1m x 2m.

What height is a standard Shell Scheme?
2.4 meters.

What is a Fascia panel?
This is a panel that goes across the top front of the stand, normally used for a name board.

Do you provide name boards to go onto the boards?
Yes, we provide printed name boards, upon request.

How long will it take to install?
As it is dependant on the size of the job, it's difficult to predict. We provide a quick system for installation and more accurate timings can be provided upon quote.

Do you install at weekends or evenings?
Yes, however there is an out of hours charge for weekends and late evenings.

Can I graphic my stand?
Yes, we print graphics and can install if you require.

Can we have lights and power on the stand?
Yes, we can provide these upon request.

Do your Monoshells have a fire rating?
Yes, class 1.

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