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  • By Catherine Dove
  • 19 Oct, 2015

Tip #1

Evaluate the Opportunity

Even for a large company, taking a stand at an exhibition is a big investment, not only in money but in time and organisation. Therefore you need to ensure that the opportunity see a good return on investment. Research the exhibition thoroughly. Make sure the event will match your marketing objectives and reach your target audience. Question the anticipated number of delegates and how they are planning to attract this audience (and specifically your target customers). If possible, visit the exhibition as a delegate first, so you know what to expect. Contact previous exhibitors to explore how successful they found the event. Research the exhibitors attending- are they your competitors? The more homework you do before the event, the more likely the event is to be successful for your company.

Exhibitions give businesses an exclusive marketing advantage- the opportunity to meet, connect and build up prospects with potential and current customers. Exhibitions can obtain qualified leads that can then result in sales and ultimately profits, so you need to make sure you are utilizing this marketing facility. Although exhibitions can be a large investment, especially for smaller companies, the benefits are long-term, with collected leads often turning into loyal customers.
By Catherine Dove 29 Jun, 2017

When you spend money, time and effort attending a networking or business exhibition, you want to know that the rewards will make these efforts worthwhile. Whilst getting email addresses and other contact details will undoubtedly create opportunities with possible clients or customers, these long lists of contact details often only attract a couple of truly interested parties. Your real aim within any exhibition is to make a real impact and brand memorability, ensuring that multiple customers will be knocking at your door in the future. Here are a couple of ways to ensure you create an unforgettable and positive reflection of your brand at your next exhibition:

1/ Think about the audience. What sector are you in and how will this affect the way visitors react to your stand? Is it a creative audience who would appreciate a particularly quirky and eccentric stand? Or a techy group who would be more impressed with a futuristic look?

By Catherine Dove 23 May, 2017

Are you ready to take centre stage at your next business event? With the amount of freebies, business cards and enthusiastic promoters going around, it can feel very difficult to make a lasting impression. At SD Displays we can ensure that your stand will make a real impact with the right customers.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

1) What size space do you have? It’s impossible to start planning your stand if you don’t know the size of your allotted space. The potential of a large space is huge, however if not planned properly, can appear empty and disorganised - make sure you have enough furniture and staff to fill the space. Size does matter, but if you don’t have the budget for a large space, don’t worry. Small stands can have a great impact if they are bright, eye-catching and innovative (and our designers are pros at making it look fantastic!).

2) Keep it simple. It’s so tempting when you are a proud business owner to plaster your stand with claims about all the amazing things you do, however it’s more effective to tone it down. Let your leaflets and print content explain the details and leave your display to grab attention, focusing on your key features.

By Catherine Dove 17 May, 2017
We are excited to announce that David Cooper will be freefall abseiling down the tallest sculpture in the UK, in support of charity  Emerge Poverty Free  ! On the 19th May he will be at the Olympic Village ready to abseil down the crazy sculpture that is the ArcelorMittal Orbit, looking out over 262 feet above London.

Emerge Poverty Free work to sustainably help communities in east Africa, ensuring they have the tools, knowledge and resources to improve their lifestyle. Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor David easily and donations will be quickly processed and passed directly to the charity. Any contributions would be AMAZING and greatly appreciated by SD Displays and the communities in east Africa that will so benefit from your sponsorship!

Sponsor David here !
By Catherine Dove 07 Mar, 2017

Banner stands are a hugely popular choice in marketing businesses, but with so many types to decide between, it can be difficult to select the best banner type to promote your brand. Our expert team have come up with 5 frequently asked questions on banner stands to give you an insight into finding the perfect option for your company.

1/ The Event

The type of event that you are attending will, to a certain extent, inform you on the type of banner stand you require. For instance, if the event is held outside you will need a banner stand that is specifically designed for outdoor use. We can provide banner stands that are made from materials that are able to withstand the elements. It’s not only wind and rain that can damage banner stands - the sun can have a bleaching effect after a couple of hours, so ensure your stands are good quality.

2/ Size

From tall, slim stands to wide interlocking stands, the size and shape can make a huge difference to its impact for different occasions. A great use for larger banner stands is utilising them to separate space creating sections within the business’ area. They also make brilliant backdrops to an exhibition stand or pop-up. However you don’t want to dwarf a small space. Using well designed, brightly coloured and innovative smaller banner stands can draw just as much attention in a more compact area for a smaller budget.

By Catherine Dove 07 Dec, 2016

It is so hard nowadays to stand out of the crowd; with so many innovative and unique businesses, technologies and creatives out there, to make something with original impact is incredibly difficult. However, in this competitive market, it really does pay to stand out of the crowd and get noticed. This can be exemplified within business exhibitions, each stand competing to out-do the other.

By Catherine Dove 14 Nov, 2016

Disasters are always around the corner at live events. The unpredictability of live exhibitions means that even the most experienced event manager may be thrown into the deep end as opportunities at an event or exhibition unravel. When planning an event, think of yourself as the unluckiest person alive; prepare for every pitfall and eventuality to avoid any nightmares that might come your way.

By Catherine Dove 22 Sep, 2016

Generally we have, for centuries, tried to make everything bigger (and apparently better). From huge temples, churches, monuments and nowadays skyscrapers, everything seems to be increasing in size. And that goes for exhibition stands too. For example, HP at the drupa show in Dusseldorf have a brand space equivalent to a football pitch! You may not have the budget for that, but do you need it? Bigger doesn’t always mean better!

Obviously hiring a bigger space at an exhibition costs more. Your presence is increased, and you will come across as a ‘bigger player’ in your industry. It would be very easy to spend the majority of your budget on the space and the stand expenses, without putting much thought into how you will be attracting and converting footfall. A smaller booth means you can spend more on marketing campaigns, email, pre-show and at-show promotions. We’re not saying a small stand is always the way to go, but we’re here to weigh out the pros and cons, to help you make the most of your total investment.

By Ellie McDaniel 08 Jun, 2016

We are delighted to announce that SD Displays are working in partnership and organising an exciting 'new exhibition' event called ' The West London Business Show '. 

The event will take place onThursday 23rd March 2017 at the Park Inn at Heathrow, this event is an ideal platform for all businesses of all sizes to showcase their brand, new product launch and networking with other businesses.

We are expecting 1500 visitors on the day, with 100 exhibitors, and 5 keynote speakers. We are overwhelmed with the interest thus far and look forward in inviting you all to the event as an exhibitor or attendee.

Please visit  to find out more details about the event and to register for your free tickets. To book a stand please email   or call us directly on 01628 673 8647 .

You can follow the West  London Business Show on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest news as more exhibitors and speakers are announced.
By Ellie McDaniel 18 Mar, 2016
To follow our contribution over the Christmas period, we have now donated some Easter eggs to The Brett Foundation. 

They are an incredible charity who support the homeless people in Maidenhead. From working with Foodshare to provide food for people who cannot afford to eat everyday, to school packs which give children all the supplies they need to start school. We are truly honoured to continue our support for this wonderful charity. 

As Easter is coming around quickly, we decided to donate some Easter eggs, which will help The Brett Foundation to ensure all the children in the families they support receive some Easter chocolate. Year round the The Brett Foundation also ensure that all of these children receive birthday cakes. These gestures can help bring a sense of normality to the lives of these children and brighten their day. 

Please visit their website to find out more about the amazing work they do, and for ways to show your support. 
By Reena Sandhu 15 Mar, 2016
SD Displays Group are delighted once again to be one of the sponsors for the area finals of the High Wycombe Young Enterprise. The event will be held at Bucks New University on Friday March 18th 2016.  Young Enterprise empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills, so they can achieve their full potential and  develop experience that cannot be taught through a textbook. We are honoured and delighted to be supporting such a wonderful charity. 
Peter Newell, local board member for the initiative, stated that “SD Displays have been supporting the High Wycombe Young Enterprise for more than 10 years, we are very grateful for the invaluable help and service on this very important day in our calendar” .    
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